Friday, January 8, 2010

1st volume

paddle pop
color: blue+purple+green+white
defect: none
fabric: cotton
price : RM 25

brand:forever 21
color: light pink
defect: none
fabric: cotton
price : RM 45

White Sparrow
fits: s,m
material: cotton
Rm 15

Leo Leopard
Rm 15

Red Devil
fits: m,l,xl
material: silk+sifon
Sold: Liana noordin

Grenny Green
fits: S & M
material: cotton

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Trial Version

Cutie Dress
fits: s,m
Material: Cotton
Price: Rm 20
Sold to Keena

fits: s,m
material: cotton
color: red
price: rm 15

Black Shoot (*skirt)
fits: s,m
material: chiffon
brand: Esprit
Price:Rm 15

Grey Leopard Sleeveless
fits: s,m
Rm 15
sold to bit

Blue Circle
fits: s,m,l
Rm 20

Juicy Grey
fits: s,m,l
material: satin
color: Grey

Price: Rm 15

fits: s,m,l
Rm 15

Dot Dot Dress
fits : s,m
Material: Chiffon
Rm 15
Sold:miera hamdan

Crazy Polka
Fits : s,m

Material : Cotton
Brand : Dimo japan
Rm 20
Sold: sasya

Blue ocean (*skirt)
fits: m/l
material : Sati n
RM 15

Cotton Candy(*skirt)
fits: m/l
Material: Silk
Brand: Zara

Lost Leopard
RM 25
SOLD: sis nola

*testing!! testing!! 1 2 3 check2! ini still under construction okeh!! masih byk lg item yg blom di upload.. :)